Take time to Remember

Thank you for visiting our virtual Tree of Remembrance 2023. Our actual physical Tree of Remembrance will be operating as normal in The Letterkenny Shopping Centre from Thursday December 14th.

However previous years taught us that many of you away from home wanted to remember loved ones and welcomed our virtual tree. So, this year we are giving you the opportunity to continue to remember either in person at Letterkenny Shopping Centre or here on our virtual tree page.

This virtual tree gives you all the opportunity to write your messages and, if you wish, you can even share your message with family and friends to let them know, no matter where you are, they are in your thoughts.

All messages from the virtual tree will be added to the ribbons from the physical tree for a blessing at an ecumenical service in Conwal Parish Church at 7pm on Sunday 21st January.
Your donations will support the work of St Vincent de Paul, the No Barriers Foundation and other Causes supported by Rotary. All charities are struggling to maintain their much needed services and this year your donation will make a huge difference. Thank you for supporting The Letterkenny Rotary Club Tree of Remembrance and our chosen charities.